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Sharing our resources with those in need has been a central part of Christianity since the very first days of the early church. When there were members of the church who were down on their luck they would go to the town church and receive alms. Clothes, food, shelter, a little extra to help pay rent.  Part of our worship to the Lord is expressed in giving back to His children from the income with which He has blessed us.

We often hear the expression “if this ministry’s been a blessing to you, we’d appreciate your support”. While this is certainly a logical response from most churches, our giving should be more than simply “paying for services”; our offerings are first to bless and honor God, and second to support and participate in the ministry of the gospel to His people. We are all God’s children. By giving, you are enabling us to continue our worship and praise to the Lord and helping His children who are in need.

The Bible teaches that Christians should give (1) regularly, (2) from the first part of our earnings, (3) in proportion to our income, (4) cheerfully, and (5) freely, not as a result of compulsion or pressure.


When you give…

Your gifts affect thousands of people. The under-resourced are cared for, the lonely are connected, kids’ lives change and people discover more of their home in Christ each day. Every day, we at Act’s Gospel strive to use our funds to better the community, to help women who are at a crossroads in life, to teach the children to live and walk with Christ.

The mission and vision of Act’s Gospel could not be carried out without the faithful giving of attendees and friends.  There are not enough words to express what your donations mean to those whom the funds help.

Act’s Gospel practices the highest standards of stewardship and accounts for every dollar through its’ board of directors and CPA and is working towards yearly reviews from an independent financial auditor.
Whether you’d like to give a single gift, or schedule ongoing donations. There are two ways to give online…

Through your bank account:

You can choose to set up a one-time or  recurring payment through your bank account. PayPal allows you to securely donate to Acts Gospel right from your bank account.

Through your Credit Card or Debit Card:

PayPal allows you to SECURELY make a donation to Acts Gospel via your Credit Card or Debit Card online. You can either make a one-time donation or you can set up a recurring donation through PayPal as well. All donations are tax deductible.