Our vision and mission is…  to help connect people to faith

Our mission statement is to see people’s lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ; being faithful and dedicated in the mission to which we have been called. We respond to the needs of God’s people who cross our paths from day to day. We do this through a range of services which improve the quality of people’s lives, provide physical and spiritual healing, and develop human growth.


Our Pastor & Family…

Pastor Moses & Diane Alexander

Our Goal is…

Our goal is to reach the northwest community of Grand Rapids and have an impact that affects religious, social, and economical arenas. To accomplish this goal we are developing special programs for youth development; such as after-school programs, mentoring, tutoring, substance prevention training and in-services dealing with life issues one child at a time. We offer adult programs such as resume writing, job training skills, counseling, and a reading program as well. We also have a computer lab on site that allows us to train children and adults for the technology age. There is also food available to whoever needs it. We welcome anyone regardless of sex, color or creed to partake in our facilities and programs. As Christ is the center of our life, so shall Christ be the center of what we accomplish in this effort.